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This​ project began many years ago when the artist, Carol Burch Flinn, visited the famous Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, France. Her earlier studies in art history gave Carol the background of how people built this magnificent building as a church for worship, a sanctuary in trouble times, and as an important space.

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This is one of those rare times in human history when we can use our curiosity, exploration, and technology as a planet.

- Carol Burch Flinn

In the artist's words:

"While I took in the beauty of the round stained-glass window, the realizations that so many varieties of visitors were also having unusual experiences. There were nuns, priests, Catholics, but also visitors from faraway places, with different spiritualities, both young and older generations.

As I left the cathedral it struck me that its very shape was a giant spaceship that had just touched down. A gothic space station complete with round portholes and flying buttresses that could have been ancient landing gear.

Looking back at the photographs I took on my visit to Notre Dame, I realized the cathedral resembled a structure from outer space. This led me to plan the project called, Sacred Space in Outer Space: SkyChapel.


When I was a child I looked up in the sky and knew it was heaven; a dwelling place of the Creator and Angels guarding us through life. Now, due to movies and television, that idea has somewhat been replaced with fearful thoughts of space aliens coming to attack us."

SkyChapel as a frontier of technology will restore humankind's drive to learn about the universe and galaxies as peaceful earthlings no longer needing to conquer new frontiers in the name of some sovereign, or government.


We can at last fulfill our destiny to exist in

our space & outer space.

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